Saratoga Springs, New York - Staccato Barre and Bodyworks is a full service fitness studio focused on delivering vibrant, interesting, effective and safe workouts to our students. As experts in the Staccato Barre Method, we take what is pure about barre and add layers of function and dimension. We play outside the box. Ballet, Pilates, Yoga, Functional Fitness, Interval Training and 'old school' Barre fuse into fresh workouts catered to you.

Staccato Barre challenges the body to tone and strengthen muscle through extreme isolation and staccato movement. We use a variety of props such as resistance bands and loops, glide discs, foam rollers, free weights and more. Every class must be new material. We offer modifications in every class to appropriately fit both new and advanced students.  

  • Staccato Barre® Every class is a different workout. In 60 minutes, we work you from head to toe, paying close attention to muscle isolation. Staccato Barre material changes daily - even the strongest barre student will walk away feeling challenged.

  • Long & Lean Barre A combination of Barre and Pilates, this class offers a great workout for all muscle groups with a special emphasis on core strength. We use a variety of props including resistance bands, "magic circles" and foam rollers to help you strengthen your center, lengthen the spine, build muscle tone and increase flexibility. 60 Minutes

  • Staccato Barre® Express We understand that you'd like to fit your workout into your evening and pressed for time. Brisk pace, non-stop barre. Great music. Fantastic workout. 45 minutes

  • Staccato Barre® Sculpt A classic barre class with an updated twist or two. Students will focus on isometric holds and tiny pulses to achieve strength, length and engagement of the deeper muscles in our body. 60 minutes

  • Iron Arms & Abs Just as the name implies...... get rock solid arms and abs through intervals of weight training and core strength exercises. 45 minutes

  • Staccato Barre® Pilates Fusion Develop lean muscle through Pilates principles such as concentration, control, precision, breath and integration.

  • Staccato Barre Shake Expect a classic, crisp, fresh Staccato barre class focused on using the barre for most of the class.

  • Cardio Kickboxing Box and Strengthen! A low impact cardio workout using kick and punch combinations guaranteed to make all level participants work up a sweat and reduce stress! Taught by Nationally certified instructor with CPR training.