Reach Your Fitness Goals, Finally.

One of the very best aspects of barre training is that it serves a wide audience of students. We have the experience to customize your workout to your specific needs.  Each workout has options to either take it up a few notches or tone it down. Experience a class for yourself without feeling like a novice. Every day, every class, every teacher is different. How? Come and see for yourself. Small class sizes keep your workouts personal and comfortable. 

Staccato Barre offers a wide variety of classes: Staccato Barre Sculpt, Staccato Barre Express, Staccato Long and Lean Barre, Iron Arms & Abs, Staccato Barre Shake and Staccato Barre Pilates Fusion. What Sets Us Apart from ANY other Barre Experience? We change it up every single day. Staccato Barre Method challenges the body to tone and strengthen muscle through muscle isolation and "staccato" movement. Each Staccato teacher has a minimum of 100 hours of barre certification.  Hundreds of hours of practice teaching barre. Thousands of hours practice taking barre. Staccato Barre Method is centered around proper alignment and technique while continuing to engage and challenge students. Staccato Barre and Bodyworks is a full service fitness studio focused on delivering vibrant, interesting, effective and safe workouts to our students. As experts in the Staccato Barre Method, we take what is pure about barre and add layers of function and dimension. We play outside the box. Ballet, Pilates, Yoga, Functional Fitness, Interval Training and 'old school' Barre fused into fresh workouts catered to you.

No matter your level of fitness or training experience, feel free to take any class you like! 

When you walk into Staccato, we hope you feel the energy, the excitement, and sense that you belong.
— Renee Taliana, LMT, RYT, Studio Founder