Kundalini Magic

A Blissful Healing Experience - Chant, Dance, Gong Bath

with Harbeant

Sunday, March 29, 2-4pm

"Healing is the process of becoming whole" - Anonymous 

"Vibrate the cosmos, ad the cosmos shall clear the path" - Yogi Bhajan

Join us in this 2 hour magical session of sacred chanting, meditative prayer dance, and deep relaxation in the healing sound current of Gong, empowered by Kundalini yoga, a mystical tradition bringing ancient esoteric yogic practice into modern household lifestyles.

Please expect 

*Unusual bliss

*Divine relaxation

*Immense Healing

*Intuition Activation

*Lots and lots of laughter

*Deep connection 



Light snacks will be served after the session.  No experience required. All are welcome!