Healing the Throat Chakra

Kundalini & Gong Healing Circle

Full Moon in Libra with Harbeant Kaur

Tuesday, April 7, 7:45-9:15pm

There is no damn reality, the reality is you. 

God made you, God is your reality, and you are you!

Beyond you nothing exists, never was, nor is, nor shall be.

You don't need anything, you just need self-acknowledgment.

You are God! To make you realize your Self - that's the reality.

-Teachings from Yogi Bhajan, on healing the throat chakra The essence to the throat chakra healing, is to realize your own divine nature.  So that you resonate, connect, listen and communicate from that place of the most authentic self.

Join us in this very special Kundalini & Gong Healing Circle, that is focused on connecting you with your most authentic self, clearing the blockages, igniting & empowering the fountain of creativity/creation within.  Through which, comes the utmost clear, balanced, beautiful voices of divine communication.  So that every word that comes out of your mouth, sounds like poetry.  So that whatever words you speak, are heard and well received. 

This session includes Kundalini Kriyas (complete action, intentional energetic movement), Pranayams (breathing exercises), chanting, meditation & deep relaxation with the sound current of the Gong.

No experience required. All are welcome 

See you in the circle :)!