Breath Work Healing Circle

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Sarah Cohen is a breathwork healing facilitator, meditation coach and restorative yoga teacher who offers virtual and in person sessions.  Her main focuses are stress, chronic pain, energy and mental health management.  Her own experiences with cycles of depression and other patterns of pain have led her down a path of healing and a mission to help others to reclaim their power to heal their own lives from the inside out.  Her variety of studies include; nutrition, energy healing, fitness, spirituality, counseling, herbalism and more.  However, her own life experiences and self-study are what have helped develop a truly integrative, compassionate and holistic approach to healing mind, body and soul.

"Healing begins with choosing love"

Breathwork is a powerful self-healing tool that balances the nervous system, release endorphins, activated love energy, raises the body's frequency and moves unresolved emotional energy that has been stored in the body and manifested as patterns or cycles of pain.  Sarah's method focuses on activating love energy to help us begin to unravel the patterns that stand in our way of peace, joy and abundance.  Common after affects are feelings of deep relaxation, pain relief, emotional release and clarity.