Love & Kindness Donation Class

Supporting the Yoga Medicine Seva Foundation

To protect & empower women caught in the human trafficking system

March 1,  2020 11-12:30pm

Restorative Yoga with Meditation  

Suggestion Donation: $10-35

Restorative yoga is a relaxing, supported practice that aims to restore the body's natural capacity for health.  Restorative yoga helps to regulate the response of the nervous system, reduce muscle tension and increase circulation.  This practice will begin with gentle movement to bring awareness into the body and breath, easing into long held, propped restorative poses.  The support of props allows complete relaxation, giving space to connect to the body and mind through non-judgmental awareness.  A love and kindness meditation will be woven throughout the practice.  This meditation helps cultivate a greater sense of compassion and empathy for both yourself and those around you.  This practice will end with a sweet, supported savasana.

Leave feeling a new sense of resilience and well being in your body and soul along with a greater connection to the world around you.  All proceeds to benefit the Yoga Medicine Seva Foundation.  This foundation protect and empowers girls caught in the human trafficking cycle with shelter, education and employment.

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