Let It Go

Kundalini Goddess Circle - New Moon in Taurus & Earth Day Special 

Wednesday, April  22,  7:15-8:45pm 

Let it go, let it go 

Can't hold it back anymore

Let it go, let it go

Listen in and sing along

I don't care what the ego's going to say

Let the spirit take on

Nothing can stop me anymore


Join us in this one of a kind Kundalni Goddess Circle, at this very special time of New Moon in Taurus and the Earth Day.  Riding the high tide of the sacred divine feminine energy: fearless, loving, passionate, compassionate, prosperous.

Gather - Surrender - Let Go - Pray - Meditate - Relax - Heal - Celebrate - Rejoice

This session involves Kundalini Yoga practice: Kriyas (complete actions - intentional highly energetic movement), breathing exercise, chanting, meditation, meditative dances, and deep relaxation with the sound current of Gong.

No experience required. All are welcome.

See you in the circle :)!