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Michaela's relationship with yoga is one of continuous evolution, curiosity and self discovery.  Having started yoga in her late teens with a background in dance, Michaela's initial attraction to yoga drew from the beauty and fluidity of a vinyasa yoga practice.  After several years of practicing yoga,

Michaela completed her 200-Hour Bhakti Vinyasa Yoga certification wit Gopi Kinnicutt in 2012.  She then spent two years teaching a fun and creative power yoga class in Saratoga Springs, NY before moving across the country to study nutrition and dietetics at Bastyr University in Seattle, WA.  There she continued to teach multiple yoga classes a week along with her full time studies.

While learning about the human body in the context of nutrition, Michaela's interest in anatomy, physiology and movement deepened.  She added anatomy electives to her class schedule, took yoga anatomy workshops and dived into self studies of anatomy.  This new fascination ultimately led her to pursue her 500-hour Yoga Medicine (YM) certification under the teachings of Tiffany Cruikshank.  Michaela has completed several modules of her YM certification and is enjoying learning the deeper, more therapeutic applications of yoga.  Under this new lense, Michaela's classes have slowed in pace with a strong focus on building functional strength and mobility along with supporting injury prevention.  In Michaela's vinyasa classes you can expect a steady, moderately paced practice informed by breath.  Plenty of long holds sprinkled throughout allow you to linger in the stillness, and develop strength both physically and mentally.  Between her focused cues, Michaela weaves in lighthearted humor and insight into how to create a balanced and intentional life, that can be translated outside of the yoga class setting.  Her yin classes bring a similar feeling of grounding, with enough instruction given to find the pose and settle in, while allowing for plenty of silence to sit with the sensations and lean into the quiet.