Feel Good Now

A Deep Kundalini & Gong Experience 

A Six Week Healing Immersion

with Ping Harbeant 

Every Friday 1/31-3/6


"Happiness is your birth right"- Yogi Bhajan

Are you wanting more joy in your life?

Are you wanting to feel more vibrant and alive in your body?

Are you wanting to have more connection and nourishment to your soul?

Are you wanting to live your life day to day with more easy and grace?

Yes. Yes.Yes. Yes.

Yes, at the beginning of this new decade, join us on this deep healing and learning journey with Ping Harbeant and a group of beautiful, sincere, and supportive women.  Six weeks of curated  Kundalini Yoga & Gong meditation healing session will totally transform your reality.

Yes, you can feel so good, NOW!

Yes, you can feel even better, NOW!

Each session includes Kundalini Kryia (movement), Pranayama (breathing exercise), mantra chanting, meditation and Shavasana (deep relaxation in lying down position).

Each session is uniquely different, taking you deeper and deeper into your elevated realty of living joy.  Drop in to get a boost or embrace the whole 6-week journey to receive the maximum benefit.

All are welcome, no experience required.

Kundalini Yoga cleans, elevates, renews and super charges your energetic field, strengthens your nervous system, balances your chakras system and fine tunes your intuition.  It removes the negative subconscious belief systems.  You get into a new vortex/reality that feels vibrant, elevated, bright, beautiful and blissful.

The sound of the Gong is a holistic resonance.  This sound current brings your mind, body and spirit complex into a deep relaxation state, where meditation, rejuvenation and healing happen naturally.  You experience peace, balance and harmony at ease.